In Practice Sessions

There is not always a lot of time to focus on the goalies as a coach. More than that its tough to focus on team development as well as give each goalie the individual attention they need to enhance their skills, beyond taking shots all practice. 

What we hope to accomplish with 'In Practice Sessions' is to take advantage of ice time your team has already, and dedicate some of that time to your goalies with specific drills designed to help improve their skills. These include movement, reaction, positioning and rebound control drills. We will also touch on the mental aspect of the game and how to remain focused in all situations. 

We request at least 30 minutes of your practice time work with the goaltenders. We need one end of the ice (usually only up to the ringette line or top of circles) to allow us to run our drills. After our time with the goalies we can remain for the practice and work with them through your standard practice. 

**Subject to availability // Two goalies is encouraged**

Please contact to discuss pricing and set up a goalie plan.