Our mission at Syndicate Goaltending is to make goalie specific development available to more players in the Niagara Region. With this in mind, we have two programs to help manage time, and focus on what is important. The Players. We offer both In-practice sessions, and private sessions.

In-Practice Sessions

These sessions are during your teams practice time. We can work with any time allotted for goalie specific development, however we want to make sure this is at least a half hour of the practice to make it worth while for the goalies and team.

During these sessions Joe and/or Cass will be working 1 on 1 with your goalies on skill development, concepts as well as the most current strategies for the position. We will run goalie specific drills that act as both learning tools, and physical/mental development.

Private Sessions

If you are looking for a strong goalie workout, or a more personalized development plan, we utilize the shooter pad at Seymour-Hannah 4 Pad in St.Catherines. These sessions are a half hour long on ice, as well as at least a half hour off ice (usually pre-practice) to talk about concepts, drills and help cut back time needed explaining on the ice. 

The Shooter pad is great for making sure goalies are seeing lots of shots, while refining their skills in a more personal setting. 


Our pricing is based on age, level as well as the amount of sessions needed. Please contact us with what you are looking for, and we will be able to make sure we find something that works for you (or your goalies).


**Note - We do ensure to always have open communication with players, coaches and parents. Before any sessions take place, we request to meet with each party involved to make sure everyone is on the same page**